A Cup Sharing Platform For Coffee and Environmental Enthusiasts

Want an easy way to use a clean, reusable coffee cup?

Every day, customers bring dirty BYO Cups to baristas who reluctantly wash them on the spot. This makes it hard to guarantee that cups are sanitised to industry standards and it also poses an unfair legal risk to cafe owners. Swap Cup tackles this issue by allowing cafes to provide their coffee in clean cups that won’t pose health risks to their customers.

Every time a customer brings in a dirty BYO Cup, it has to be washed on its own. Washing dirty BYO Cups one at a time can result in longer waiting times and less customers being served. Swap Cup lets cafes serve customers immediately using prewashed cups which saves time for both cafes and their customers.

What is SwapCup?

Currently available at these cafes


Porta Via Espresso Bar

Baretto Espresso Bar

Brunetti Carlton

Coffea at Queen Victoria Market

Brunetti Flinders Lane

Brunetti Myer Melbourne (3rd floor)


Carte Crepe

Books n Bites



Gs Cafe


How SwapCup Works

Buy a Swap Cup and use it to buy a drink at a participating cafe…

…then swap your dirty cup for a clean one to use next time you come to the cafe.

Or swap your dirty cup for a token to take home…

…then present your token for a clean cup next time.

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